30 DoP - Day 12

Oh boy - so much for maintaining a daily commitment to posting. When it rains it pours and it is monsoon season! I set an alarm on my phone every day to go off and remind me to post. I have been staring at the alarm from a few days ago, telling myself to post something, anything to maintain this commitment to myself. The thing is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and want to put something up that feels good to post. This 30 days of posts project is for me, and yes I'm posting it on the internet for everyone to read should they choose, but I am writing from a profoundly selfish place in doing so. I am posting for these 30 days (more like 30 posts - the day challenge was lost long ago....) to show up for myself and say, hey, I can do this for me because my dreams are worth pursuing and worth achieving. On a deep level, I need to see and experience this for myself and although you get to read these ramblings, it is in the doing where the magic and work resides for me.

So so so much happening right now. I’ll be able to share more fully down the road, but for now I am focusing on my breath and responding to any anxiety with the thought “I love myself” repeated until something shifts. 

Today’s prayer prompt from my friend and mentor Jennifer Urezzio is Power.


The greatest power that exists in the universe is Divinity. I am a part and a piece of the Divine. By connecting and collaborating with the Universe, I am safe to embrace my power and create my work from a place of peace and strength.

Today, I say yes to my power and experience it with grace and ease. I now use my power to move through any limiting beliefs in order to assume the throne of my own consciousness and full, loving connection to my Creator.

I am experiencing gratitude in every cell of my body for the profound gift of my life and the power that is mine. I trust the Universe and allow myself to release all fear and surrender to faith, receiving the prosperous blessings of the Universe. So be it.