30 DoP - Day 13

13 is my lucky number, and this day and this post and this timing couldn't be better aligned.

Today, Legs Malone turns 12. To me, 12 is the age where adolescence creeps in and when everything begins to change. The whispers of adulthood drift through every system in the body around this age, changing the endocrine system and creating changes in the body and mind that we are not always ready for. My 12 year old self was thoroughly traumatized and harangued by life in general, but this 12 year anniversary (at age 40) feels like a dream in comparison to that time. But I digress...

Today, not only do I celebrate my 12th year onstage as Legs Malone, but I am also celebrating everything that I am. I am so much more than a burlesque performer, producer, teacher and entertainer. I am also a healer (or healing arts practitioner for those who wince at that word) and a dance teacher and someone who is here to help people feel as good as they can in the bodies that they were given in this lifetime in a variety of ways. I am also a daughter, a sister, a wife and a friend, and it's time for me to show up and claim who I am in my fullness.

I have purposely hidden myself for years, keeping my muggle self and glamorous stage self separate for fear of exposure. On stage, I can (sort of) control what I expose, but when it comes to the internet, forget about it. 

So in the spirit of saying yes to who I am in my fullness and enoughness, I present to you this:


My name is Anna Brooke, and I am Reverend Legs Malone. My mission is to help people reconnect to their hearts, and I hope that by sharing everything that I do that I can be a benchmark or stepping stone for you in your own awakening. We are here for a good time, not a long time, and so on this special day of new beginnings. I say hello from my heart and soul and invite you to join me on this beautiful ride called life.

For those who are just tuning in, I'm in the midst of completing a 30 day blog post challenge AND a 31 day prayer challenge created by master prayer writer Jennifer Urezzio. If you're interested in joining me on the prayer challenge, please click here and be sure to enter AB in the invoice box to receive a special, personalized prayer from Jennifer!

Today's prayer prompt is Safety - how totally perfect.

There is enormous Universal love that surrounds me today and always. I now feel that love around me, nurturing and caring for me. I know that I am made of this love and it is in every cell of my body and every particle of my consciousness. I surrender my fear to this Universal Love force and know that when I do so, the fear is transformed into faith, safety and love.

Today I experience profound safety and support. I receive the nurturing care of Universal love and trust it, knowing that all is well.

I offer my gratitude and love to the Universe and to everyone in it. I am so grateful that I am able to release my fear, surrender to love and know that my prayers are answered.

So be it.