Rev. Legs Malone is a Teacher, Performer, Producer and Advocate of Burlesque

photo Ben Trivett

photo Ben Trivett


Interested in learning the techniques of burlesque either one-on-one or in a group setting? Want to learn more about using burlesque to make peace with your own body and self esteem? Click here to see the list of Rev. Legs' classes or click here for her calendar!

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photo by unknown


 From the basement theaters of NYC to national and international stages, Rev. Legs has been performing since 2006. You can visit her YouTube channel here, her list of upcoming shows here, and a gallery of photos here.

photo Tré

photo Tré

Ministry of Love

 Rev. Legs happened upon burlesque at a critical and transformational time in her life. For her, burlesque has always been propelled, animated and infused by the force of Love. To join Rev. Legs on her journey and in her Ministry, please click here.

Rev. Legs Malone is the Girl With The Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam.

Legs got her start with burlesque through London's Whoopee Club in 2006 and has been a popular star on national and International stages ever since. Highlights of her performance career include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, Hoochy Koochy in Stockholm, Sweden, Lucha Va Voom in Los Angeles, CA and the countless nights spent dancing and entertaining on stages all over her hometown of NYC.

Rev. Legs was Associate Producer of Sugar Shack Burlesque from 2009-2011 and co-produced shows up and down the East Coast, including the infamous Shaken and Stirred. She has produced several long running shows, including The Legs Malone Show, a curated exhibition of performative art at the old Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY, The New York Grind Show which toured the east coast, Burlesque After Dark in Huntington, NY and Wolfshine Burlesque in Brooklyn, NY. 

Offstage, Rev. Legs is a healing arts practitioner and wedding officiant. Legs also teaches self-transformation classes tailored for both burlesque dancers and non-dancers alike. It is her goal to help women, men and gender-fluid people alike to realize how unique, special and beautiful they are.


International Business Times (2013)

“[Legs] spoke exclusively to the International Business Times to divulge some of burlesque's best secrets, ranging from flirty questions like how burlesque dancers get their names to how she feels about being compared to a stripper.”

PMC Magazine (2011)

Valley Advocate (2008)



“Malone blurs the line between defining herself by her body and transforming it. Signature act: She does a mean Bettie Page.”


“The perfectly named ‘Legs Malone’ brings an authentic taste of burlesque. Entering drenched in scarlet lighting in a raincoat like one of Raymond Chandler’s dames her classic and splendid strip routine gradually reveals a woman looking like she has stepped out of a Betty Page illustration. In a startling reversal of expectations her second number involves putting clothes on; well, a certain type of clothing.”


“Next up was the formidable and fabulous Legs Malone, on our side of the pond for the last few weeks making waves at Edinburgh Fringe and with her uplifting, body loving burly workshop. Let me just get this out of the way… NYC, if you do not treat this lady like the Burly Queen and performance artiste she is, you’ve got a couple dozen people, myself included, who would happily visa-marry her so that we can watch her perform over and over again. A breath of fresh burlesque air. I was thrilled to see her ‘Magic Lamp’ act in the flesh and her smart, specific and sparkling performance was a pure joy from beginning to end – you’re spoiled New York! Soak her up! A sweet Legs stumbles on a magic lamp which makes all her girly dreams come true; I loved the dollar bill petticoat/boa and the final wish comes with a hilarious and horrible price, that had the audience howling – you’ll just have to catch the fab Legs Malone in action… “

“It was time for the final act of the evening and it had to be Legs Malone to take us on home with her filthy and toothyyy striptease. I don’t want to give too much away because the surprises and reveals make this act a winner; pure hilarity, pure sex, perfect burlesque… Yes, I’m a little bit in love with Legs Malone, I admit it, I’m comfortable with it, okay?! It’s her wit behind every wink, every move, the humour in her hips, the laser focus in her eyes, her sensuality through the unsexiest, the twisted moments; as a neo-burlesque artist I was inspired and entertained like I’ve never been before – it was thrilling, I might never love again… Massive round of applause for the lovely Legs Malone!”


“This is Legs Malone at Kabarett - she does burlesque with a clever comedy twist and was one of our favourites.”


“The highlight of the night was a performance by New York-based Burlesque dancer and performance artist Legs Malone.”




Rev. Legs Malone and her Ministry of Love

When I was called to burlesque, I had no idea what lay in store for me. The joy, the community, the sheer love of doing what I loved for a living - it was a dream come true! 12 years later, I find my call has shifted, deepened and become clearer.

In addition to my work onstage, I have worked in the healing arts since 2002 and have come into a much deeper connection with and awareness of the massive changes that have been rolling through our lives with increasing speed and frequency. When we are confronted with the non-negotiable changes that life brings us, it is our relationship to ourselves that dictates how smoothly the ride goes.

If you are someone who doesn't always act in kind ways toward yourself, how can life treat you kindly in return? 

I am here to be a guide on your way back to your own heart. When you choose to love yourself, your life opens up in unexpected, joyous, beautiful and miraculous ways. It is not always easy, but it is the most rewarding journey you'll ever take.

When you can call in the energy of love, everything changes. That's where I come in, and I'm here to help.

I invite you to join me on this journey back home to the force of love that we all come from and that animates every aspect of our being. Scroll down and read about the different ways you can connect with me.

My ministry is open to all who are seeking to deepen their connection to themselves and to all of life through tapping into the power and presence of love. I invite you to attend and explore any of my offerings that call to you. 


Services and Offerings


Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Are you tying the knot or planning a commitment ceremony as a couple? Rev. Legs is available for ceremonies and is licensed to perform weddings in all 50 states. She specializes in both traditional and non-traditional unions and is queer friendly.

Working with Rev. Legs for your big day will include at least two meetings either virtually or in-person prior to the ceremony and the ceremony itself. Different packages are available. To contact Rev. Legs, please click the button below to be in touch!

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Sermons and Celebrations

I will be offering monthly sermons and gatherings via facebook live that will also be posted to YouTube beginning in February. You can join in love or simply watch the recording! If you would like to be notified of any and all upcoming publicly streamed events, please click the button below.


Work With Legs One-On-One

If you are ready to embark upon your personal journey of actively calling the energy of love into your life, Legs is available for private sessions. All meetings happen online via a private video conferencing link and packages are available. Click below to learn more and to get in touch!


The Love Training

Want to dive deep into exploring your own beliefs about love? Are you ready to change from the inside out, affecting lasting and loving change in your life in a group of likeminded people? The Love Training will open for registration in early 2019 - click below to join the mailing list!


If you have any questions about Rev. Legs' work or offerings, you may use the form below to reach her. Alternatively, you can email her directly at

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