30 DoP - Day 11

Hoo boy - two days flew by with no post. I have a mountain of emails to reply to, but I wanted to get this in because this matters to me, and if I'm not showing up for myself, who can I show up for then?

So much massive creative output happening on this end. Working, strategizing and getting clear on my solo and joint projects is both exciting and daunting. By time you likely read this, all the projects I'm being very vague about will have been defined and announced, but please know that birthing this stuff on the back end is a massive undertaking...

In the spirit of my prayer challenges, I think I'm going to end all my posts with a prayer. As a new-ish Reverend, I'm still getting used to speaking about spirituality so openly. I look forward to including prayers and reminders of our connection to the force of Love more frequently...

Today's prayer cue is "I nurture" and here is mine:

Today I feel the nurturing love of the Universe. I feel it surround and infuse me, and it is reflected to me in the beauty I perceive in the world around me.

I am now willing and ready to nurture my own heart and emanate the love that I feel within and without.

Today, I nurture my inner child and my full consciousness and all aspects of me reflect back the radiant love I embrace and acknowledge in every aspect of my life.

I am so grateful to know that nurturing is a choice, and an easy choice at that, and all I have to do is express my heartfelt thanks to receive nurturing.

I now allow the Universe to nurture me and reveal my path so that I can embrace the gift of my life and the love that is ever-present.

So be it.