30 DoP - Day 10

My voice matters. Your voice matters. Each and every one of our voices matter. 

I've been rubbing Myrrh oil on my throat for the last several days at the direction of a dear friend and colleague. Myrrh is the oil of the Mother and has been used for millennia in childbirth and post-partum care. I've been rubbing it on my throat not only to support my thyroid (center of nurturing) but to help me be more balanced in speech. Practicing being aware and mindful of my emotions has shown me how much anger can spike at the smallest irritation. It was shocking to realize the ferocity of said anger as I am generally a pretty calm person. We all have stories, though, and histories. Mine includes feeling like I had no voice as a child, and so it makes sense that there would be anger present.

According to many different sources (glad to cite if need be), anger is considered a secondary emotion. This means that when anger is present, there is something else lying beneath the surface. Sometimes it's sadness, sometimes it's grief, but when my anger spikes, I take a deep breath and ask myself, "what lies beneath?"

So today I walk with this. What lies beneath the surface? What actions or histories are informing the actions that I witness and embody? Can I speak my truth and be willing to hear myself while being willing to be heard? Therein lies today's rub...

Today's prayer prompt is "today I choose." How totally perfect...

There is a powerful force in the Universe called Love. I can feel this force flowing within me and all around me, supporting and nurturing me through my process of awakening and relaxing into the flow of my life.

Today I choose to experience this profound energy of Love in every single action I take. Today, my life is full of opportunities to make proactive choices to fortify my trust and acceptance of Love so that I deepen my connection to my self. I am joyous to have this opportunity and embrace my ability and willingness to choose Love always.

I am deeply grateful for my choices to enrich my life. As I express my gratitude, I release any resistance to allowing the presence of Love to be with me, and let the Universe guide me in a perfect way to making the perfect choices for me. As I focus on these words, I know them to be true, and I say So Be It.