30 DoP - Day 18

I knew some time had passed, but it’s been 6 days since I posted - !! That went by quickly…

The last week has been a blur. I am typing this while sitting on an Amtrak train on my way down to the city where I will continue my day of travel onwards to JFK and then into Salt Lake City where I will be attending the doTERRA annual conference (fun fact - I’m a distributor and wellness advocate of these gorgeous essential oils. Want to learn more? Click here.) I love traveling - I always have and I likely always will. There’s something about the change of scenery, staring out the window with only my thoughts to keep me company that brings me great peace. The last few days have held some surprisingly emotional and difficult challenges, and although I’m not at 100%, I am breathing a sigh of relief as I watch the Hudson River flow by outside my window.

One of the highlights about posting these blog entries is the inclusion of these prayer prompts. As you’ll likely have noticed, these are not your typical prayers with typical prayer structure. This style of prayer writing is called affirmative prayers, and I find them very powerful tools to call in the support that I need. If you’re interested in trying out this 31 day prayer challenge with my wonderful teacher and friend Jennifer Urezzio, you can go to her website here and enter code AB in the PO/Invoice box. You will receive as a gift a personalized prayer from Jennifer herself along with the 31 days of prayer prompts that are AMAZING!!!!!

I am grateful for today’s prayer prompt. As I navigate some very uncomfortable and muddy waters, I find that when I reconnect with the energy of Love and the force of light that surrounds all of us always, I can take a breath more easily and my thoughts soften into awareness and gratitude. I am acutely aware of lots of floating anxiety right now that comes crashing in like waves every now and again. Right now, I choose to breathe, and write this prayer from the bottom of my heart.

Self Tithing

I am made of the Love that animates all life in the Universe. I am one with this Love and it supports me in every way possible, always.

Today, I self-tithe. I generously give myself love, acceptance, soothing, comfort and security. Today, I know and trust that I am worthy of these gifts and these expressions of Universal Love and I say yes to them.

My heart sings with thanks and gratitude because I know that as I receive, I give and allow the Universe to love me with joy and unexpected gifts of prosperity.

So be it.

If you’d like to learn more about self-tithing, Jennifer explains it beautifully below: