30 DoP - Day 17

I’ve been watching the news all morning. I usually like to start my day by checking various news websites instead of watching the news on various channels or streaming services. Today, I wanted to read about Hurricane Florence and the forecasts of its brutal forthcoming impact.

Major storms and disasters hold a fascinating place in the human psyche. Understandably, the hold supreme importance for those in their path for the sake of safety, health and staying alive. I remember various hurricanes hitting when I was younger (Andrew sticks out particularly), but the news back them is not the news there is now. The warnings are certainly warranted, but the fear and obsessive coverage creates and perpetuated its own galaxy of fear and needing to hang onto every word and to stay tuned no matter what. In so many cases, the fear that gets built up dwarfs the reality of the storm. In this case, however, it looks a lot different. I pray for the safety of everyone in its path, and may this be a wakeup call not only to our changing world and its climates but also that we as human beings are one. There is no division or separation in the eyes of God, only our own. A storm will hit and hurt anyone in its path - it doesn’t care who they are or what they look like or how much money they have in the bank. Unfortunately, the response to these stricken areas is very much codified by these factors - just look at FEMA’s response to Puerto Rico, or even the black neighborhoods of New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. The racist beliefs of those in power hurt my heart and dent my confidence in our country’s leadership. I am very much willing to see a new possibility rise, however. The possibility of a well funded FEMA that serves everyone equally, and the possibility of swift, thorough governmental response are what I hold in my heart and in my mind’s eye. We are living in scary times, and unfortunately, many people who have safely lived under the shield of privilege are being rudely awoken to the reality of our country and its policies. It is a heartbreaking situation, but one I feel is leading up to a unified awareness of our oneness. I am concerned it may require catastrophic loss to arrive there, and I pray that I am wrong. We have been given the gift of this country and it is up to us to hold the government accountable when it fails its people.

Deep breath. Wow. Wasn’t planning on going that deep or even in that direction.

Today’s prayer prompt is one that is near and dear to my heart. The prompt is My Body. I have realized that part of my mission and path in this lifetime is to help people make peace with their bodies and begin to love themselves radically, fully and compassionately. I once heard a beautiful quote that said something along the lines of “where we have been wounded is where we hold the greatest capacity to heal both in ourselves and in others.” That has always stayed with me. There is a beautiful archetype called The Wounded Healer. It’s based and clearly seen in the myth of Chiron, who was a centaur in Greek mythology. Chiron was responsible for bringing medicine to humanity, delivering it to Asclepius who became the human father of medicine (this staff intertwined with snakes is still a widely used symbol for medicine). According to Greek mythology, Chiron could heal anyone and anything. When the centaur wars happened, many centaurs were killed and wounded. Centaurs were immortal and could live forever unless violence was inflicted upon them. In the war, Chiron was wounded badly but didn’t die. He carried this wound with him for the rest of his life, and he was unable to heal himself. Hence the archetype of the wounded healer.

Growing up, I hated my body. I inflicted so much negativity upon myself, and it hurts to even write that now. I have trouble looking at pictures of myself when I was younger, because all I can see is my beauty and innocence and I know what lay ahead in my path. It breaks my heart to think about it and brings tears to my eyes even as I type this now. This body wounding cut me to my soul, and I am in no way surprised that I am shifting my work into healing this wound in others. The thing is, we can only heal in others what we have already healed in ourselves, and for as far as I have come, there is still work to do. This will be a journey of a lifetime, and for as painful as my past has been, I choose to look ahead with hope and the distinct possibility of changing people’s lives for the better.

So thank you, Jennifer Urezzio, for creating this amazing prayer program. It is feeding me in ways I couldn’t ever have imagined!!

My body is created from the all-present Love that makes up the Universe. All of this Love resides in me and my body is a vessel of its Divine expression.

This Divine frequency and presence of Love can climb every mountain and swim every sea, capable of great feats of wonder and awe.

Today, my body is a reflection of this Divine Love and radiates health, wealth and contentment. My body is healthy, alive and a tool of the Divine in its expression of Love on Earth.

My body vibrates in full alignment with the power of Love, and I receive this vibration as confirmation that I too am Love.

I take time to pause and be thankful for the gift of my body. My body is the way I experience and perceive life which is a profound and Divine gift in itself. My body is my temple through which I can know the presence of God within me and the all-pervasive force of Divine Love that surrounds me and imbues me with its presence today and always.

I now release any pain and conflict that I have in and with my body. I now allow the Universe and my body to be in alignment and to guide me toward the highest and best way I can nurture, support, nourish and love my sweet body.

So be it.