30 DoP - Day 9

Shorter title for these fingers to type!

Today I am navigating my fear about other judgements of me. I just had a session with my incredible teacher Ron Baker (look him up - he's incredible) and he shared with me some deep wisdom. It's not what others think, it's about what I think about myself and what I am doing - that is the most important thing. I was raised to constantly be monitoring the thoughts and feelings of others to a detriment, and as I re-educate myself, I am coming up against some deep, tectonic layers that hold this consciousness. Not easy but so frigging necessary...

In the spirit of shifting old thoughts, I want to share a prayer I just wrote below. I enrolled in the excellent Jennifer Urezzio's Power of Prayer class several months ago and it was excellent. I'm upping my investment by doing a 30 day prayer challenge wherein I write a prayer a day. Here goes nothing! The theme is being enough...

Today, I know and accept that I am surrounded by the energy of love and fulfillment. I experience this love and fulfillment in everything I perceive and experience.

I know that because I'm a part of this abundant, all-providing Universe, what is true for the Universe is true for me too.

I am experiencing joy in every cell of my body in being enough in every part of my life today. The fulfillment and happiness of knowing that I am enough is reflected back to me in every interaction I experience and in every relationship and exchange I have.

I am so grateful for this knowing, and thank the Divine for providing so lavishly for me. I now let go and receive the full support of the Divine, reminding me always that I am enough. So be it.