30 DoP - Day 23

December is upon us and 2018 is drawing to a close. How time flies will never fail to astound me. If you’ve read any of my prior entries here, you will see that I didn’t post at all in November. This wasn’t the plan, but it became my reality. Knowing that 2019 will be here before we know it, my intention for this month is to approach it mindfully and create a clear plan for the new year.

This may come as a shock, but I am not one for lots of structure. I do very well with it, but I also rebel against it. Maybe it’s my Sagittarian nature, or perhaps my lack of attention span, but when it comes to creating and implementing a plan, I am both fiercely independent and situationally dependent on others to help me push my vision into action. I find this dichotomy frustrating, but I’m reassured by the fact that it all boils down to ME and what decisions I am making.

Something i struggle with is maintaining my enthusiasm when I am in the trenches. Hard work is exactly that - hard -  and with my associate’s degree in procrastination, I am uncomfortably used to shrugging the heavy lifting off for a lack of wanting to do the hard work. I do my best not to beat myself up, but the criticism, disappointment and shame can creep in without me noticing it and before I realize it, I’ve set up shop in the dumps of my emotional terrain.

All of this leads to this moment. My birthday was a few days ago and there’s a new moon coming tomorrow along with Mercury, the planet of communication, moving into a direct path after languishing in its retrograde phase. The time for forward movement is imminent, and I want to greet that new dawn with a clear vision in mind and my first steps ready to be taken. I am someone who tends to have a lot of pots on the front burner and I am ready to change that habit and replace it with breaking down my myriad passions and pursuits and turning them into road maps for achieving my goals. If I screw up, that’s human and it’s also easily corrected. I am willing to see my magic through to manifestation!!

The prayer prompt for today’s post is Vibrancy.


Today, I name and claim Divine Energy as my Source and as the all-pervading force of the Universe. 

Where I perceive discomfort, frustration and a sense of separation, there is only the vivid vibrancy of the Divine.

I allow myself to acknowledge this pervasive presence of love as the bedrock for my life and existence. I offer myself time to pause and feel this presence in my heart as I offer my gratitude for this force of Love that is always with me.

I now know that when I connect and tune in to my higher self and to Love that I am revitalized and reborn vibrant and whole.

So be it ❤️