30 DoP - Day 22

A new day and a new post. There’s some powerful astrology going on as I type. There was a full moon in Taurus this morning and there’s a whole lot of Scorpio energy present too — Sun and Venus retrograde. If you don’t know what any of this means, I recommend you hop onto google and read up on these if they are of interest to you. We are living in times of unprecedented change and challenges and I find the more information I can glean to create deeper contexts for what I am experiencing is immensely valuable to me.

I watched the NY Times in conversation with Jill Soloway and Hannah Gadsby today and it was amazing. I am so grateful for their relationship and what they share in here. They used a term - foot soldiers of the new world - and I found it very powerful to have such revolutionary ideas discussed so openly. They touched on a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately, but what really impacted me was their visibility. I find it incredibly brave to stand up so loudly and so clearly for what one believes in, and these two were a badass example of that for me.

I’ve been thinking about things that are broken a lot. Our government, our trust with it, so many systems of governance and of power that are so profoundly broken and irreparable. For whatever we witness outside of ourselves is merely a reflection of what is going on inside of ourselves. When I witness hate, rage and anger, my heart cries out to be a force of love and yet to show up as a force of love in these times scares the shit out of me. I realize this is a path that requires me to be brave, to be led by my heart and trust my gut always. Courage comes from the French word coeur, meaning heart. These times are asking us louder and louder who do you want to be in this world? What forces are you contributing to with your actions? If you truly want to be the change you see in the world, are you willing to be led by your heart through the darkness of what ultimately is your own shadow in order to create the conditions that your eyes long to see and your heart sings for? This is something I am thinking so much about. My own personal negotiation with how I am choosing to show up in the world is a flowing ocean. Calm some days, rough others, but with a deep trust that here I am no matter what, and each day holds new choices and possibilities that I have the agency to say yes or no to. In that, my fear is transformed into faith, and I know that no matter how tempestuous the conditions of my life are, this is exactly where I need to be doing exactly what I need to be doing because I am on my path and that is what truly matters.

But going back to broken…

I found myself, in thinking about all things broken, remembering a card I saw by Emily McDowell:

Screenshot 2018-10-24 16.22.14.png

And I am considering this. The image of repairing any cracks in my heart or being by sealing them up with gold is a beautiful image that brings peace to me when I think about it. When I was searching for this card on google, I couldn’t remember the exact verbiage, and first typed in cracked pot with gold and found so many biblical references. This image of the cracked pot with God shining through is apparently a popular once, and also one that resonates deeply with me. What a wonderful thing to stumble upon while searching for something else.

Today’s prayer prompt is Visible, which as always is super perfect. To be seen in my truth is what I am stepping into and I know the fear is healthy because it is showing me what I need to do if I want to get where I am going. To be seen and heard is tonic for the soul and the body, and I am now willing to be visible in my truth and power.


Divinity is present in every moment and aspect of our lives, but our eyes are ill-equipped to see proof that the Divine is, has always been and will always be here and now.

God is unseen, yet God is everything I perceive. Knowing this, I can relax into feeling safe, loved and supported with every step I take because God is present today and always.

The Divine is joyfully providing abundant good for me behind the veil of my perception and five senses.

I am now willing and able to focus on the unseen made visible. The love, goodness, and grace of the Divine are here for me to perceive today and always.

I offer my deep gratitude to the Universe and allow It to now be made visible for me.

So be it.