YOU (24/30)

Powerful, gorgeous December. You are here and now and so beautiful. I love this month. My birthday happens to be the very first day of December (go number one!!!) but within this month lies endings, beginnings, seeds for celebration and moments of contemplation. The approaching solstice and many holidays are a joyful reminder of the light in the dark. Getting used to it getting dark at 4pm is a doozy, and I am excited for December 21st because incrementally, we gain a few more seconds of sunlight each day.

This has been a powerful time of review for me. In addition to my birthday, I have plans to both create a deeper, more comprehensive foundation for myself so that I can show up for my work and what I want to be offering. I am always amazed at how easily I get in my own way and right here, right now I want to change that.

Today’s prayer prompt, as ever perfect, is YOU.

Today I acknowledge and love myself with an open and full heart. I allow the Divine to be a part of this beautiful embrace of me and my many gifts. I now know that I am safe to love myself. I now know that I am a wonderful human being with a brilliant spirit and I now choose to allow myself to both believe and actively support this reality and truth.

I am so grateful to say YES to the Divine life force that flows through me and the love that animates all aspects of my heart and soul. I allow that love of me and who I am to flow freely and fluidly. So be it.