30 DoP - Day 21

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit on average. I assume those days have to be consecutive... 

I’m writing this blog post via the app on my overly fancy new phone. I love technology, but not when I feel I am beholden to it. Lord knows I am grateful for the gadgets and being able to afford them and I in no way want to come off sounding all first world problems woe is me etc. It just feels like too much sometimes...

The prayer prompt for this entry is “letting go.” We are in the season of autumn and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the action of letting go is very much aligned with the season. We are moving from the high yang of summer to the low, deep yin of winter. This is a time of construction, of inward movement, of descent. The emotion that is connected to autumn according to TCM is grief, which is the emotional response to loss. Whether it’s the loss of summer or the loss of things greater or even smaller, it is so important to honor the sadness and to give it a voice, 

As fate would have it, I literally just got a text that a dear friend lost her dog today, her steady companion of 13 years. The synchronicity of this is reverberating in my heart right now. 

I’d like to dedicate this prayer to Stanley, one of the most handsome and kind dogs I have ever met and to his mama Gina. May we all breathe in to the wealth of love, connection and presence that is present in our lives so that we relax into the richness when the time comes to let it all go.


There is a universal force called Love that surrounds me always. It animates who I am and all that I know and I feel it’s support in every cell of my body. 

 I trust that I am one with this force and that I am a powerful co-creator with this Divinity known as Love.

Today I let go of my attachment to the unreal, to all that is in conflict with my true nature of Love. I let go and receive the deep knowledge that I am here to create and the only thing that can stop me is me. I release my fears and my beliefs that I am not good enough and replace them with the deep, unwavering faith that I am here to Love and that God is with me always and has my back no matter what. 

I am eternally at one with this universal force and it’s guidance. I now say yes and welcome in its presence to shore my heart and reassure my body that all is well because I am loved by a force that animates all life as we know it.

I am so deeply grateful for this truth that is mine forever and ever amen. So be it ❤️