30 DoP - Day 20

I am typing this on a rainy, cold Saturday morning. Three days ago, it was hovering near 80 degrees. Now, it’s barely 50. A change in the weather can happen so swiftly and can sometimes leave us looking for shelter, a warm layer of clothing or comfort or just a lovely cup of tea. I shold also note that as I type I have a cup of tea, a cup of coffee and need to go find some socks to put on because lord it’s cold!

The energy of change has been so present for me, and for many others too. Change is the only constant in life, but there’s something about the here and the now where the emotional volume and vulnerability is turned up much higher than normal. This heightened emotional volume may make our nerves feel more brittle, or even bring up strong emotions that lie in wait just below the surface of our behavioral veneers.

I recently had a huge emotional upset that left me feeling raw, sick, upended and profoundly shaken. It took me weeks (literally 3 of them) to come back down to a resting heart rate anytime I was reminded or recalled the situation. It is not resolved yet, but I was determined to reclaim my inner peace from this situation, and so every time my anxiety spiked or I felt a wash of cold battery acid-like feelings over my body, I would come back to my breath and repeat “I now transform my fear into faith” until my physical response to the increased emotional volume got turned down.

I was amazed at how consistently this worked for me. If you have read any of my prior posts, you’ll know that I struggle sometimes with consistency and showing up for myself on a regular basis. This whole process felt like bootcamp, and the stakes (being my physical and mental/emotional wellbeing) were sky high. I am so pleased to say that, despite the unresolved tail end of the issue at hand, I am feeling much calmer and any time I feel the rumbles of anxiety, I take a deep breath and repeat my mantra. It works so beautifully for me, and if it appeals to you, I invite you to try it out as well.

This week was spent at one of my spiritual homes, Kripalu. My life has been struck by spiritual lightning repeatedly at this incredible place, and every time I return it feels like I am coming home. I am developing a whole new line of work and a new focus within my many favorite fields - mainly burlesque and healing our relationships not only to ourselves but to God as well - and I spent this week at Kripalu gaining tools to facilitate transformational workshops the likes of which I can’t wait to bring to the public. Lots of new tools to practice with and to bring into all my work from this point forward…

It’s nothing less than perfect that the prayer prompt today is “Start”

Today, I know and trust that the Divine is all around me and makes up every part of the world I perceive and belong to.

In ways both big and small, I am surrounded by the Divine today and always.

Today, I take a step toward making my dreams a reality and I know the Universe will rise to meet and support me with every step I take.

I am profoundly grateful for this Universal support. I now feel it in every cell in my body as I take a nourishing, deep breath.

I don’t have to make any plans. I start at the starting line and just take one step forward, allowing the Universe to do the rest for me.

And so it is.