30 Days of Posts - Day 6

I missed two days worth of posts. Distractions, house guests and not making the time to get back in front of my computer. I know that's an excuse, but it's the truth. Fitting in a new commitment like this is a negotiation and when everything goes up in smoke (proverbially speaking), it's surprisingly hard to come back to 1 as it were.

Breathing is the best thing I can do to come back to my proverbial 1. I love new ideas and starting new projects, but if I get distracted, the game might as well be over. 

SO today I'm breathing. It's Sunday, and I have a very full week ahead of me. I find myself getting pulled into repetitive thinking that brings nothing but stress, and to pull myself out of it, I have to take a deep breath as a kind of neural interrupt. Here is my micro process:


Scattered thoughts, spinning wheels, etc.

Deep breath

"What matters right now? What is my priority?"

Deep breath again.

Begin again.

The rinse and repeat on this cycle is more frequent than I'd like to admit to, but to have the check in and begin again reflex is new, and so supportive.

So today, I begin again. And I breathe.