30 Days of Posts - Day 4

I woke up this morning with a wee pit of dread in my belly. Yesterday was not an easy day emotionally speaking, and it followed me through to this morning. I paused, and realized that once I was out of bed that I had a choice in that moment to show up and sincerely ask myself, "how can I love, support and honor you right now?" Mind you, I work with folks all the time to help them develop this very reflex, but man alive can it be hard to hold that same medicine for myself. So I sat down on the edge of the bed, and breathed. I watched my thoughts and feelings fly around like 10,000 butterflies and stayed with my breath. What came through was that this matters, even if it's just sitting still without looking at my phone for 3 minutes. Developing the reflex to notice when a moment is needed and to then take action on it is a quiet little revolution for me. Just like this blog challenge, this is about me showing up for myself and saying, hey, this matters because I matter. It may seem small and a little trivial to some, but to me it felt like putting a stone into my personal foundation.

May I continue to show up for myself, and may you receive what you need from this post <3