Ep. 29 - Kristen Korvette

I was thrilled to speak with the very sexy, witchy and wildly smart Kristen Korvette for this week's episdoe. Kristen Korvette is the founding editrix of Slutist, a sex positive feminist site that aims to uncover and address the intersections between sex, gender, sexuality and feminism in art, entertainment, and politics. Glamour UK called Slutist, "seriously smart" and BUST magazine described the site as "well-equipped to fulfill (almost) all of your slutty needs." Kristen also teaches a class on 4th Wave Feminism at The New School and hosts The B-Sides NYC Sessions, an indie music TV show on NYCTV. Enjoy!!

Kristen Korvette, photo by  Jen Rozenbaum

Kristen Korvette, photo by Jen Rozenbaum