Ep. 31 - Jonny Porkpie with special guest Baron Von Schweintorte

Pinchbottom Burlesque's own Jonny Porkpie joined Legs for a conversation about art, nudity and growing up in NYC among many other things. One of his alter egos joined me as well for the top of the episode and quite frankly, Legs hasn't been the same since.

Jonny Porkpie: The Burlesque Mayor of New York City, regular candidate for "actual" mayor of NYC, creator of Pinchbottom Burlesque, the "Best Burlesque" in NY (New York Magazine, The Village Voice) which produced the Off-Broadway shows "The Pinch Brothers in The Bawdy House" as part of MarxFest in May 2014, and "Pretençión: un cirque de burlesque, un burlesque de cirque" in 2013. A Pastor at the Church of Titillation, her is also the creator of Dead Sexy and international bump and grind gameshow Grab My Junk, author of The Corpse Wore Pasties, burlesque performer, teacher, and host, and all-around fool.



Jonny Porkpie, photo by Lee Page

Jonny Porkpie, photo by Lee Page