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Please find below my resource list. If you have taken a class with me or had a session, this is for you!

As the bottom of this page, you will see two images of a sheet I use in all of my classes. If you would like to receive the pdf for your own use, shoot me an email by clicking these words that you are reading right now. The sheet illustrates and explains more fully the concept that thought is creative. The first part of it goes into deeper detail on creative thought. The lower half is a fantastic exercise that I encourage you all to try. As you will see, it's a more direct way of negotiating a new thought pattern with affirmations and your own responses. Please print it out and spend some time reading and enjoying - I highly recommend it!

Suggested Reading List

This is by no means exhaustive! I encourage you to think of it more as a library or departure point for your personal healing journey. Many of these authors have other excellent books as well so please check them out. Some of these books are out of print and I highly recommend both Amazon and Abe Books (abebooks.com) to buy copies from. Enjoy your search and reading and please share any great finds you come across - I would love to know!

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

I Deserve Love - Sondra Ray

Healing and Holiness - Sondra Ray

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Places That Scare You - Pema Chodron

You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

The Dynamic Laws of Healing - Catherine Ponder

Ask and It Is Given - Abraham Hicks

The Art of Deliberate Creation - Abraham Hicks

A Course in Miracles - Foundation for Inner Peace (http://acim.org/ for more info and ordering)

The Only Diet There Is - Sondra Ray ***

***In this book there is an amazing process called the forgiveness diet. I cannot recommend this enough. What we can't let go of holds us back and this book provides some direct ways to let go of whatever burdens are reflecting themselves in our minds and bodies. If you are ready to free up any energy held in resentment, hatred, anger and non-forgiveness, this book is for you. I strongly encourage you to buy a copy.


Here is the list of affirmations that I read selectively from. Please feel free to use them as you wish, especially the ones that really resonate with you. I love writing affirmations and either posting them for my own reminders or keeping them in my journal. Please use them to your greatest benefit!

I love and enjoy my body.

I deserve love.

I now choose to embrace my beautiful body.

My vulnerability is my strength.

I now release the family mind.

I am no longer at the effect of my own judgement/the judgement of others/etc.

I am unlimited potential.

I now enjoy radiant health in my body.

If you found yourself struggling with finding an appropriate affirmation, please be in touch as I would be more than happy to help you find a supportive thought or two to set you on a healing path.


Rebirthing and Healing Resources









I didn't go into great detail about the work I do offstage, but I work as a rebirthing breathworker and I cannot recommend the benefits of breathwork enough. As a modality, breathwork detoxifies the body and the mind through supported and guided breathing patterns. I recommend it to everyone, and if you want to find a rebirther near you or want to learn more about it, please be in touch! I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you're interested in working with me, I have a hidden page for sliding scale rates for performers. Click here to go there! I have also begun seeing clients through my training with Ron Baker (see below). I am currently accepting new clients and if you’d like to learn more, please be in touch.

If deeper stuff came up that you would like to address with someone in a professional setting, I encourage you to look into the different forms of support that are available to you. If money is a concern for you, I recommend googling "sliding scale therapist near me"

If you would like to continue your self healing path in a remote setting, I recommend Ron Baker unequivocally. He is an extraordinary healer and teacher whose work I have personally benefitted from greatly. Please be sure to mention my name when you connect with him.



Empowered At Last podcast

and me!

Reverend Legs Malone - thirtyfourandahalf@gmail.com - don't be a stranger!

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In closing, here is a lovely link that I feel beautifully illustrates the blossomings and openings that happen when we choose to say yes to healing, change and possibility. May your unfolding and blossoming be abundant, joyful and chock full of color!

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With love, respect and salutations to you wonderful, innocent people who are so worthy of everything you desire!

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