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Burlesque as Medicine Workshop

This workshop will be held at MINKA brooklyn located at 1120 Washington Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. To register, please click here to be taken to MINKA's workshop page.

This workshop is for anyone of any gender expression who is tired of feeling held back from their own authentic self expression and their heart’s true desire.

For millennia, personal expression has been subjected to rules, regulations and legislation. From how we dress to how we behave, we have been told what to do and how to act for countless centuries. As a result, we have inherited limiting beliefs and thoughts about our bodies that shape how we live, work and interact with everyone in our lives no matter our gender, ability, sexuality, race or creed.

In this unique and groundbreaking workshop taught by Rev. Legs Malone, these internal, inherited structures of thought and behavior will be questioned and lovingly challenged through the evocative and sensual art form of burlesque.

We will be diving deep into our bodily awareness and consciousness, creating new contexts of being through the re-education of any fear, shame and judgment into the presence of belonging, innocence and empowerment using movement, reflective processes and meditations.

You will also learn the fundamentals of burlesque movement and choreography and have your very own routine to take home with you!

All are welcome! Please note that clothes will remain on at all times.

Reverend Legs Malone (aka Anna Brooke) is a full time healing arts practitioner and has been an internationally known burlesque performer since 2006. Her mission in life is to help people reconnect with their own hearts and she is passionate about helping people connect with their deepest joy. Her healing path was augmented enormously through learning burlesque and this is the first time she is offering this unique blend of burlesque movement with the intentions of mindfulness and healing.

Later Event: October 27
BOOlesque Basics