Burlesque Classes and One-On-One Coaching 

Dreaming of stepping onstage but don’t know where to begin? Need help with an existing act to make it really pop? Or are you someone who wants to get a group of friends together, learn a routine and have an absolute blast? Private and group instruction available - perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties and myriad other social occasions where the ladies are ready to let their hair down and have a ball! Contact Legs here!

Regularly scheduled group classes happen at LifeWorks Studio in Great Barrington, MA. Click here to see when Legs’ next class happens!

Burlesque as Medicine: Retrieving Love and Innocence Through Radical Self Expression

For millennia, bodies have been subjected to rules, regulations and even legislation restricting everything from its appearance to its expression. From how we dress to how we behave, we have been told what to do for countless centuries. As a result, we have inherited limiting beliefs and thoughts about our bodies that shape how we live, work and interact with everyone in our lives.

In this unique and groundbreaking workshop taught by Rev. Legs Malone, these internal, inherited structures of thought and behavior will be questioned and lovingly challenged through the evocative and sensual art form of burlesque.

We will be diving deep into our bodily awareness and consciousness, creating new contexts of being through the re-education of any fear, shame and judgment into the presence of belonging, innocence and empowerment using movement, reflective processes and meditations.

This workshop is for anyone who is tired of feeling held back from their own authentic self expression and their heart’s true desire.

All are welcome! Please note that clothes will remain on at all times.

Healing Your Relationship With Your Body

First created for BurlyCon in 2011, Legs has taught this groundbreaking workshop to hundreds of people all over the world including New York, Seattle, Colorado Springs, Vancouver BC (Canada), London (UK) and Bristol (UK).

As performers, our bodies are our mediums and very often, we hold a lot of history and thoughts within us that in turn hold us back from achieving the highest expression of our good, both onstage and off. This workshop, working from the premise that all thought is creative, provides an opportunity to delve into and experientially examine the roots of our relationships with our bodies and work on releasing our blocks to joy, abundance and all life. Topics covered include right action, dialoguing with the Self, partner processes, forgiveness exercises and working with affirmations to counteract negative emotional beliefs and personal lies.

“I felt that Legs had a great way of making us feel at ease right from the start. I really liked the exercises she took us through and found them very beneficial. It made me feel very centred and grounded. I was really able to feel 'in the moment, in the here and now'. I know this is so important to do for our emotional health etc but cannot often manage to do this! I am now determined to keep that going. I felt that interesting and uplifting techniques were covered and Legs managed to create a warm and safe environment for all to achieve and give of themselves. Thank you very much for the opportunity once again to discover something special, unique and wonderful. Feeling in a good place now and determined to keep that going.” -Samantha, London UK

“Really great. Hard Stuff, but valuable. Incredibly Important.” -BurlyCon participant

“Deep, holy f*ck amazing.” -BurlyCon participant

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