Loving The Body You're In!

Launched in 2012 and co-taught with World Famous *BOB* , Loving The Body You’re In! is a full-day experience that has helped many women to boost their confidence and go deeper into their emotional histories to let go of patterns and thoughts that no longer serve them. Want to read one woman’s account of her participation in the class? Click here. 

Are you a woman who is tired of negative thoughts and body criticism? Have you had enough of feeling like you're not good enough or unworthy of having what you want in life, including a happy and healthy body? Our bodies are a gift and a blessing yet it is so easy to heap our frustrations and thoughts of imperfection and failure onto them when, in truth, they deserve our love, attention and gratitude.

Join burlesque stars and body positive proponents World Famous *BOB* and Legs Malone for a full-day workshop of healing, love, forgiveness and letting go.

This full day workshop includes World Famous *BOB*’s Ultimate Self Confidence! Workshop and an extended version of Legs Malone’s Healing Your Relationship with Your Body workshop. There will be a break for lunch in the afternoon and a closing ceremony at the end of the day.

Please note this workshop is currently open only to people in female bodies, though a co-ed version is planned to be offered in the future.