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Church of Titillation - Sublime vs. Ridiculous: Home Team

Times Scare - 669 8th Ave, NYC

8pm show, $15

The Sublime vs. The Ridiculous, Rounds 1 & 2
August 2 & 9 at 8:00pm
The Church of Titillation, 669 8th Avenue, NYC

Contemplating his difficulties invading Russia, Napoleon observed: "From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step." Nowhere has that been more true than in the world of modern burlesque, where in a single show one can see a delicate fan dance and a woman dressed as a farm animal, a languorous sultry seduction and a man twirling three tassels at once.

But after years of collaborating to make burlesque the vibrant, wonderful art form it is today, The Sublime and The Ridiculous have recently had a falling out, becoming bitter, bitter rivals, embroiled an epic bump and grind conflict sure to shake (and shimmy) the very foundations of ecdysiasm.   On August 2 and 9th at the Church of Titillation, the battle will come to a head. Sublime faces off against Ridiculous in a two-part campaign that is sure to be as, um, sublime as it is, ah, ridiculous.

"To perform is to share your light with the audience," said Legs Malone, who will be taking the lead on the side of The Sublime. "Give them the gift of self as you entice them with your beauty, both the outer and that of the spirit. It is the mutual embrace of the higher power of art, a communal happening, a shared experience like no other. That's why we're going to kick Porkpie's bony ass."

"We've got the upper body strength, and the reach," responded Porkpie, who heads the forces of The Ridiculous. "We've been training hard, working a lot on our close game, our pitching staff is much improved, and we've really built up our endurance a lot.    Plus, being at the Church of Titillation is really going to give us the home court advantage. That's why we're going to kick Porkpie's bony ass.   Wait, that's not what I meant to say."

It's a battle so big it could only go two rounds on the stage of the Church of Titillation, August 2 & 9, 2015.

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